Our mission is to help businesses improve productivity through their people.
Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.
~Henry Ford
HR Framework

Let’s face it – many do! Managing people within a business is a necessary evil that remains a mystery to many.

The methods that many consultants and businesses use are complex and based on the old fashioned “time for money” principle and focussed on endless trend analysis. The Workplace Toxicologist keeps it simple – review your business to find out what works and what doesn’t. Then we give you a plan within a few weeks on how fix it – forever. It is then up to you to either do it yourself with your people, or have us manage the project for you – it makes the whole process simple…and cost effective (we give you a final costing BEFORE we start)!

You need to rise above the HR “noise”!

With “Workplace Toxicologist”, we aim to keep it simple for business owners, managers and HR professionals alike. Work to a framework to get your staff working with you, not against you. Identify and fix the risks within your business before they get worse. And ensure everything you need is at your fingertips and you have the necessary tools to work with.

We work ONLY with businesses that want to listen, change and progress and take accountability. Although we will assist micro businesses our methods are targetted at SMEs of 50-300 staff. We do not work with everybody and there will be a free strategy session before we decide to work together – the fit has to be there.

Within this website and blog, we will provide free content for you, to learn, and build a better business – for you and your people.



My name is Steve and I have been there and done that – managing teams from 2-200. I know how people think, what motivates staff. What floats their boat and what switches them off – and how to deal with all those “nasty” issues that come up in people management (think performance, conflict, harassment, bullying etc etc).

What always bothered me with HR Management was that it was too complex and often changed like the weather. I always based work on outcomes rather than process – let’s get the staff on the same page. Everything else will then fall into place.It is not hard to get staff to work productively, as long as they are treated as adults and become engaged with your business. Progress doesn’t have to be a miserable journey – and one thing we encourage is have some fun along the way!

So – no BS, no mention of human resources, or human capital (yuk!). Just simple people management that everybody in your business understands.

Measure – Identify – Plan – Implement


Steve has a background of over 20 years experience in managing people and teams as a supervisor, manager and business leader. Not only is he a specialist in performance management, but by managing teams of up to 200 people, Steve has that practical experience that not many have.

He has personally dealt with staff conflict, bullying, harassment, compensation claims, recruitment, redundancy, poor performance, termination, leadership development, team building, training and much more.

Steve’s mantra is to not just deal with things as they happen. Find out what risks you have with your staff first, then implement a proactive People Plan and review it at set periods. Importantly, engage everybody by using clear and concise communication and ensure all surveys are inclusive – no “them and us”.

Steve is a member of HR Coach Australasia, the largest network of its type in Australia. Through this network Steve has access to the latest tools, data and systems to turbocharge your people!

Steve Owen HR Coach